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No one can protect you like your family

You should never leave your family. Because you family is everything for everyone. For more such posts, follow me @ yash0108. You can share your thoughts. You have to work hard for it. It is as hard as you have to work hard. But this does not mean that you could not do it. If it is difficult, th…

Nigeria Decides

Photo Credit Counting has begun in the just ended polls for a new president in the republic of Nigeria. It’s been good so far even through there’s been reports of explosions and attacks in some part. Violence in politics is a characteristic of African politics so it seldom happens that elections h…

Diseases of fruits and vegetables spoilage

Some big people believe this with its idea of giving 'second skin' to contemporary production; Apple Sciences can help keep it contemporary because it is twice as long? There is bad food in the world. As the consumption of food for our country's 7.7 billion people for food consumption is estimate…

colorchallenge of the day by Android smartphone photography

Today I am sharing pictures of orange red flowers of photography for my community, and this is my Android camera shots, thanks for visiting my post, hope you like it. I hope you all will be happy to come to my post page and you can read my discretion and new issues every article / post every da…

The Gas hobs and boilers can be banned from new homes: within six years to hit the carbon emissions target

pic-source These proposals of the Committee on Climate Change have said that newly built properties should be rely on induction hobs like low-carbon heating and cooking equipment. This proposal eliminated the proposal for the unveiling of this moment to end the fuels of new fuel radiators, boiler…

Today 22- February- 2019- Cryptocurrency Market 24 hour Overviews

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Elon Musk + Justin Roiland host Meme Review

Dolphin cheerleaders vs military battle: 'Call me maybe'

Here's a side-by-side video of the Miami Dolphin cheerleaders "Call Me", the best military version.

This happens all the time then why do we try

Jane kyon log Mohabbat Kiya karte hai (sad song)

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